Final fantasy hardcore fans

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What I love about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is tied innately to my love of the franchise in its early years. A Realm Reborn does just as its name implies, it gives birth to a fresh, living world brimming with activity and detail. It’s startling how much the experience, which historically has been tied to a single-player wandering alone in a large, unfamiliar world, is not just captured but accented by a massively-multiplayer environment. Cities, taverns especially, are filled with wildly diverse players — adventurers! — crafting or going about their routines. Outer areas of the world are wide-open, quiet outside of battle, but consistently beautiful to behold. Where battle is met in the various corners of each area, adventurers congregate briefly for battle before returning to their own, personal quests. Perhaps best of all is the main story-line, which requires each player to travel to all corners of Eorzea. Ensuring players see every corner of the world is A Realm Reborn’s gift to its players.


At its heart, however, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a two-headed beast. One head is an old friend, embodying a single-player Final Fantasy experience that rekindled my love of the franchise and my hope for its future. The other head is an unremarkable core MMO experience grounded in uninspired MMO tropes. Battling this beast can at times be extraordinary and at other times unforgivably dull. Yet one head does not come without the other, and so it stands as many MMOS do: a game with moments of brilliance intermingled with a near constant tedium and dullness. This comes to a head at end-game, where the main story-line finishes and standard MMO gear-grind takes over. It wasn’t long after I reached 50 that I decided my time with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was over, but I wouldn’t given up 1-49 for the world. Well, most of it.


As there are series of final fantasy game , which one is your favorite?