How to level up your ffxiv gil crafter with armoury bonus

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Final Fantay XIV: A Realm Reborn’s multi-class system can be very overwhelming once you think about how much experience you’ll need to acquire for all your classes. And that’s just for one character on a FFXIV account. Nevermind how much FFXIV Gil you’ll be needing. Thankfully, Square Enix put in a helping hand via the Armoury Bonus system. Check the rest of the article for details.

While FFXIV is revolutionary with the freedom it gives players with their classes, this freedom is not without consequence however. Each new class starts out at level 1 and needs to be leveled up by the player. Unfortunately, quests you have already completed cannot be repeated to gain more experience or useful FFXIV items. This also presents a problem when it comes to the FFXIV Gil needed to properly equip your characters.

Thankfully, as you unlock your second class, the game informs you of the Armoury Bonus. This feature gives you a percentage bonus to your experience when playing other classes. This bonus is determined by the level of your highest class and the level of your current class: the bigger the gap, the better the bonus. While this doesn’t solve FFXIV Gil issues, it does make leveling a bit easier. Happy grinding!