How to Level Up FFXIV Class with Hunting Log

FFXIV 2.4 gil

Aside from the Armoury Bonus, the Hunting Log in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is another way to help level up classes on your FFXIV account. This feature not only saves you cheap FFXIV Gil in the long run, but also helps you get more FFXIV items. Scroll down for more details.

The Hunting Log is a list of monsters that your class can hunt for experience point bonuses. Completing each set of mobs will reward the class with an exp bonus. There are multiple ranks for the Hunting Log each consisting of 10 entries. Clearing a rank advances you to the next on top of granting another exp bonus. While the system doesn’t give you FFXIV Gil, it makes the levels go faster cutting down your expenses.

Each class has its own Hunting Log. Shifting from your Gladiator to your Conjurer, for example, will also change the contents of the Hunting Log. This means, you do not need to set aside ranks or mob entries to get the exp bonus for a low level class. To make things even easier, this system also marks monsters that your class can hunt for bonuses. So you get FFXIV Gil from the mobs and bonus experience. Pretty sweet deal!