Earn fast ffxiv gil with daily levelquests & guidleves

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Aside from the main story quests in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, characters on a FFXIV account can also do levequests. Details on this system and the FFXIV Gil rewards they offer included in this article.

Guildleves lets players use levequests that give out FFXIV Gil, experience and FFXIV items as rewards. Characters start with 8 Guildleves and are given 4 every 12 hours. The levequests they can take come in four types: Local, Regional, Faction, and Grand Company. Local levequests are taken from various NPCs distributed in the game world. Regional ones can only be started in main-cities. These reward “faction credits” that can be used to start Faction levequests. Finally Grand Company levequests come from GC officers of the GC you belong to.

Levequests come in three classifications: Battlecraft, Fieldcraft and Handcraft. If you prefer combat, then Battlecraft levequests that send you on PvE missions are for you. For those who like to earn their FFXIV Gil with minimal bloodshed, then gathering FFXIV items for Fieldcraft levequests are ideal. Finally, Handcraft levequests will require you to craft specifc items.