FFXIV Gil Making Tips Sharing

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FFXIV gil as the main currency in adventure in final fantasy world , there are many ways to make easy ffxiv gils. Today will share some easy tips to make quick gil.

First, refining equipment. Daguai wearing equipment, mining, acquisition, production will enhance the scouring of the equipment, the monster level, making the equipment level with scouring the equipment level closer, concise, upgrade sooner, HQ equipment and inlaid with gems equipped than ordinary equipment concise, upgrade faster.

There are a lot of people would wear bust even one 45-55 Brigade HQ equipment to continue to brush the easiest 50 4 copies of the sacred domain, the accumulation of mythology, philosophy points while refining equipment.

Second, mining and acquisition. First, do not think mining or collection of high grade, advanced materials or ore can get to earn more Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, in fact, there are a lot of high-grade materials, and even the price is not as broken crystal, even if some higher priced but the demand is not large simply no longer marketable.