Tips for Leveling with Leves in FFXIV

I’ve been pushing all my DoW classes to 50 lately using a combination of fates, leves, and dungeons. I’ve noticed some things about leves that I haven’t been able to find any information about elsewhere. With lots of people leveling and Heavensward around the corner, so I thought I’d share here:

ffxiv chocobo

** Leve levels are not required minimum class level to turn in a leve.** I have been completing and receiving full credit for leves 7 or more levels above me. For example, as a level 30 dragoon I have been turning in level 35 leves with a +2 bonus, +4 if I have my chocobo with me. This requires keeping up to date with gear, and of course no class switching. I furthered tested this by having a friend complete a lvl 45 leve with +4 bonus, and I got full credit on my lvl 34 ninja, so I don’t think there is a limit. I would love to see a lvl 1 turn in a lvl 45 leve…. I think this is remarkable because every source I looked at suggested this wasn’t possible.

The easiest/fastest leves are the fetch-off-the-ground leves. Edit: Confidence Leves, apparently. The ones where you only have to collect items on the ground. Avoiding aggro is easy. And if collecting an item spawns a mob, there is usually enough time to grab a second nearby item before that mob actually attacks. Then I would usually sprint to lose aggro, or sometimes I can get enough lead on the mobs that I can just continue collecting. These are super quick and I would spam them endlessly if I could. And because I can avoid combat, I go for full bonus.

There is no need to collect an item to dispel glamours .Those leves where you have to kill Target A to get Item X to dispel Target B’s glamour so you can kill Target B? Yeah forget all that, all you need to do is go punch everything. Engaging a mob will dispel it’s glamour on the first successful hit. I will just hit everything until I find the target, then run to lose aggro and then kill it properly. The target doesn’t regain it’s glamour when you lose aggro. This means there’s only 2-3 targets to kill typically; making this one of the fastest leves to complete IMHO.

Escort leves suck .They take forever and are annoying, even if you can avoid combat 100%. Just avoid these leves.

Are there any other tips for leveling via leves? You are welcome to share with us !