FFXIV: Square Enix Has Given Even More Details About The New Housing

Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled to launch on October 10, As we know, the patch will feature a huge 24-person raid themed around Final Fantasy Tactics, sidequests, another housing district, a new dungeon as well as more story content, job alterations, more content can be found more at here, we posted the full list.

Final Fantasy XIV

Shortly after the launch of FFXIV patch 4.1, an Ultimate Savage difficulty is being added,which will showcase a brand new tough-as-nails encounter, but it’s just that sole fight, and it only provides weapons on the same item level as Neo itself. Square Enix has given even more details about the new housing that is coming to Final Fantasy XIV with that same Patch 4.1 update.

Final Fantasy XIV is one such game that has been in a housing crisis for a while, because despite three different zones and multiple wards to choose from, the housing hunt is is competitive that any vacant lots are snatched up instantly. Among all of the new content is expanded housing and the ability to finally purchase homes outside of the original three city-states.

In the newest major city Kugane from the recent expansion Stormblood, lies the new housing area called Shirogane. When the new Shirogane district opens up in patch 4.1, it will probably be completely sold out in under an hour. Square Enix is increasing the amount of furnishings that can transfer. You can visit FFXIV4Gil to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in time, and you will get more chance.