Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Maiden’s Rhapsody Guide: How To Start

In Final Fantasy XIV, one of the new features that launched is the ability to run old dungeons with AI squadron members. The dungeons start off with incredibly basic AI but as you run them they unlock new tactics which you can set up after acquiring them. The Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1 also includes a new dungeon, the Drowned City of Skalla. Recently, many patch for Final Fantasy XIV have been launched, visit the official website here.

Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.1 added a very nice amount of content, and with so much more content coming in update 4.2. FFXIV Stormblood Maiden’s Rhapsody guide: where to start and complete a journey to remember quest. You must have a level 30 or higher Disciple of War or Magic class or job. Maiden’s Rhapsody will be available in FFXIV from today, November 10th until Wednesday, November 29th at 6:59 a.m. PST.

Here’s How To Start And Complete The Collaboration Season Event:

Teleport to Limsa Lominsa if you aren’t already there
From the main aetheryte, travel to The Aftcastle or simply take the nearby lift
Run to the Adventurer’s Guild
Speak with Remumu who’s located at (X:11.6, Y: 11.2)
Begin A Journey to Remember quest
Teleport to Costa Del Sol
Speak to Remumu again
Go to (X: 31.9, Y: 32.2) and wait for the FATE Our Favorite Pastime. Waiting here will make sure you still gain rest experience while being as close as possible to the FATE
Upon completion, teleport to Limsa Lominsa
Present the strange stone to Iroha east of the aetheryte at (X: 11.1, Y: 10.9)
Teleport to Bentbranch Meadows in Central Shroud
Complete the FATE “The Way of the Samurai” at (X: 11.7, Y: 22.8) in front of Haukke Manor
Teleport to New Gridania
Present another strange stone to Iroha in the Adventurer’s Guild at (X: 11.8, Y: 13.1)
Teleport to the Forgotten Springs in Southern Thanalan
Complete FATE “Serket Breaker” at (X: 22.4, Y: 36.9)
Present one more strange stone to Iroha in Uldah at (X: 11.7, Y: 9.4)
Teleport to Camp Bronze Lake in Upper La Noscea
Complete Fate “The Key to Amatsu: Kyori at (X: 26.6, Y: 22.7)
Teleport one last time to Limsa Lominsa
Speak with Iroha east of the aetheryte at (X: 11.1, Y: 10.9)
Take the lift up to the Adventurer’s Guild or teleport to The Aftcastle
Report to Remumu at (X: 11.5, Y: 11.2) to complete the quest

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