The Rival Wings Mode Is Available To Anyone Playing The FFXIV Free Trial

The long-anticipated Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.15 is finally came out. The latest addition to the online game, Rival Wings has teams of 24 fighting with each other to destroy their opponent’s towers. The patch 4.15 brings with it season 6 of the competitive PvP mode The Feast, Season 6 will run until the release of patch 4.2. More details have been divulged, view website right now.

Final Fantasy XIV

The game allows players to power up and pilot a range of giant machina scattered around the arena. Square Enix describes the new mode:

To secure victory, the teams will begin by having to destroy their opponent’s towers, aided by waves of automatons periodically released by the goblins. After achieving this, the shield around the opposing core will drop, making it vulnerable to attack. Throughout the battle, there’ll also be opportunities to collect precious Ceruleum – gather enough, and players will be able to power up and pilot a range of mighty machina lying dormant.

For those who have yet to subscribe to Final Fantasy XIV Online, the newest Rival Wings mode is available to anyone playing the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial, which allows players to play the complete game up until they reach level 35. Are you ready to jump in and explore the new PvP mode? Are you ready to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil to enjoy the best MMOs experience?

As long as the player can complete a quest involving clicking on a prompt, they’ll immediately gain access to three octaves of pure barding power. The game’s expansions have also been doing well with the second expansion Stormblood leading to the highest number of paid subscribers since the game released. Final Fantasy 14 had an extremely rough time when it first launched in 2010, facing heavy criticism for its design, but now this is a successful gameplay.