How to judge whether PoE equipment can exchange more Poe Currency?

I think one of the most influential things is “How many PoE Builds have you played?” The more PoE Builds you have played, the more valuable equipment you think will be. Of course, most people don’t know about it. It’s very good to use this thing, but it’s cheap or no one sells on the market. In fact, this is also the law of the market. Poe Player who need it, Use More Poe Currency Exchange. No one wants any good property and is not willing to buy it.

More examples

A. You hit a pair of gloves today: 80 lives, 40 min, 30% fire resistance, and the rest

Many people may be the first intuition to be the force, sensitive, and intelligent = garbage
But I don’t know if this glove is a good equipment for blood summoning.

B. You hit a ring today. Power 40, Min 40 ring feels rubbish
But for some CI streams, this is a very good complement.

C. Shoes, shields, etc. may not only be able to retain resistance
More times, it may be used to supplement the main attributes, master special words

D. Magic is not necessarily a junk word, but only a small number of people are used.
Of course, these judgments are known when you have played more PoE Builds.
Even if there is no empty pendant, you can use the master to strengthen

The simpler saying is that this equipment provides you with the equivalent of valuable value, not exactly what the equipment looks like to be valuable.