How to Make Your Shots More Consistently in NBA 2K21?

Want to learn how to make your shots more consistently in NBA 2K21? Here, we have put together a ton of 2K21 shooting tips to help you shoot better, and keep the game fun (and not frustrating).

how to shoot

1. Aim for the Blue Areas (Hot Zones) of the court: from here, your player is going to get a better boost. Each player has their own comfortable Blue Zones. Practice with your favorite players and figure out where their Blue Zones are, and commit them to memory.

1). How to check your Hot Spots?

• In MyCareer: Go to MyCAREER > Main Menu > Stats > Roster > Right Click on Your MyPLAYER > Scroll to Shot Chart using LT/L2 and RT/R2. > Change game mode by pressing X / Square.

• In MyCOURT: Go to MyCAREER > Go to MyCOURT > Press A/X ‘Play Games with Friends’ > Choose ‘Shootaround’ > Press View/Touchpad button.

2). How to get a Hot Spot (FG% requirements)?

• 60% in Paint area
• 55% in Close Shot area
• 50% in Mid-Range area
• 40% in the 3PT area
• In your last 50 games (MyCAREER, Park, Rec, Pro-AM) with at least 10 shot attempts in each of those areas.
• Tip: Equip the Hot Zone Hunter Badge to substantially increase make percentages.

2. Don’t be afraid to alter the settings – turn off the Shot Meter – and go back to shooting with Square/X. It may be less accurate, but more consistent for how you play.

3. MyCareer players focus on Shooting badges – These increase your Shooting ability without messing with stats. Best shooting badges in 2K21 including:

Shooting badges

1). Beneficial Badges (Overall)

• Hot Zone Hunter
• Flexible Release
• Catch & Shoot
• Deadeye
• Corner Specialist
• Green Machine
• Range Extender
• Difficult Shots

2). For Non-Shooting Builds, prioritize

• Corner Specialist
• Catch & Shoot

3). For dual-threat ball handler/shooting Builds, prioritize

• Hot Zone Hunter
• Green Machine
• Flexible Release
• Difficult Shots
• Tireless Shooter

4). Utilize Badge Stacking

• Corner Specialist + Catch & Shoot + having a teammate (online or offline) with Dimer Badge is an example of how to stack badges to maximize shot success.

4. You can disable shot timing and instead make the game calculate shot chance based on the player’s real-time stats.

5. Apply the best jump shot. Use the in-game Jump Shot Creator to create your own shot. The Jump Shot Creator is an in-game tool for creating your own custom jump shot. You can choose from the base, release 1 and 2, blending percentage, and release speed.

JumpShot Creator

6. Don’t force shots. Do not get into the habit of forcing shots when the chance of it being a high percentage, be aware of your surroundings to then judge if you should do it.

7. Off-ball movement. Getting you open to create an open target for passing and create space.

8. Practice Practice Practice. Take advantage of MyCOURT, 2KU, or Pro-Am Arena shootaround to work on new jump shots, work out the kinks in your shot, finding the sweet spot of when to release the ball, etc.

1). A good general rule is to take the shot at the peak of the jump.

2). Work on all types of shots: off the dribble, spot-up catch, and shoot, fadeaways, mid-range, 3 PT, in hot spot areas, etc.

3). In MyCOURT, Shootaround (or freestyle) is great for off-the-dribble practice.

4). Choosing the Ball Machine is great for practicing for spot-up catch and shoot situations.

5). You can also try out your shooting in-game vs NBA players while in MyCOURT.

6). Practicing will get you fully familiar with every shot type in the game so that you have several shot varieties to attack the defense in different situations.

7). Once you feel comfortable with your shot and jump shot mechanics from practicing, take it to an actual game, whether vs the CPU or online multiplayer modes, to see how your shooting and jump shot performs against the actual defense.

8). Be sure to factor in input lag and delay while online and how it may affect your jump shot.

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