NBA 2K23 MyTeam: Best Hero and Invincible Cards to Buy

NBA 2K23 MyTeam has seen a significant market crash following the release of the new Hero and Invincible Super Packs. These packs have introduced every single Invincible card in the game, causing a flood of Dark Matters and a significant drop in prices. This article will guide you through the best cards to buy right now on the auction house, which has seen a significant drop in price and offer great value. Players only need to use Cheap NBA 2K23 MT to buy them.

Hero Cards
The Hero set offers some extremely good cards that you can now buy at a fraction of their previous price. Here are some of the best picks:

Hedo Turkoglu (Galaxy Opal): Previously going for over 50k, you can now get this 6’10” point guard for around 10-15k. His elite-level jump shot makes him a great value pick.

Kyle Kuzma (Galaxy Opal): This 6’9″ small forward is now going for less than 5k. He’s a great offensive player and a steal at this price.

Arvydas Sabonis (Galaxy Opal): This 7’3″ center was consistently going for over 40-50k. Now, you can get him for under 15k. If you’re looking for a taller center, Sabonis is a great pick.

Brian Scalabrine (Galaxy Opal): Previously going for about 30-40k, you can now find him for under 10k. Scalabrine is a great pickup with perfect stats, badges, and an elite jump shot.

Thurl Bailey (Galaxy Opal): You can now get this budget Giannis for under 10k. He’s a great value pick.

Dark Matters
The Dark Matters cards from the Friday Heroes are also worth considering. Here are some of the best picks:

Ben Simmons: You can now get this 6’11” point guard for about 400-450k. He’s still one of the best defensive point guards in the game.

Tim Thomas: This 6’10” shooting guard is now going for about 350-400k. You can argue that he’s still the best shooting guard in the game.

Invincible Cards
Some of the Invincible cards have also seen a significant drop in price. Here are some of the best picks:

Michael Jordan: You can now get this top-tier card for about 225k 2K23 MT. If you’re a big MJ fan, now is the time to get his card.

Scottie Pippen: Details about this card were not provided in the video, but considering the market crash, it’s worth checking out his current price.

The release of the new Hero and Invincible Super Packs in NBA 2K23 MyTeam has caused a significant market crash, making it the perfect time to pick up some top-tier cards at a fraction of their previous price. Whether you’re looking for a tall center, a defensive point guard, or a top-tier shooting guard, there are great options available for you. Remember, the key to success in MyTeam is not just about having the best cards but also about getting them at the best prices.

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