All 10 New Hairstyles in NBA 2K24

2K Games added 10 New Hairstyles to NBA 2K24, which gives us even more options when building our players. We need to get an early look at these new hairstyles to complete player builds faster at the start of NBA 2K24.

Here’s a breakdown of all 10 new hairstyles in NBA 2K24:

1. Corn Rows 2: A new version of the cornrows with a different pattern. It’s a thicker version of the traditional cornrows.

NBA 2K24: Corn Rows 2
​Corn Rows 2

2. Cropped 8: This is now waves. It’s a super detailed version with more pronounced waves.

NBA 2K24 Cropped 8
Cropped 8

3. Afro Spikes Long: An afro with a fade on the side and spiked up. It’s unique compared to the traditional afros in the game.

NBA 2K24 Afro Spikes Long
Afro Spikes Long

4. Puffy Ponytail: Looks like dreads tied up and let loose at the end. It’s a new addition to the game.

NBA 2K24 Puffy Ponytail
Puffy Ponytail

5. Long Wavy: An updated version of the long wavy hairstyle. It’s reminiscent of fraternity-style hair and is somewhat mullet-like.

NBA 2K24 Long Wavy
Long Wavy

6. Braids Low Fade: It’s not new, but they added physics to this hairstyle. The hair moves more now.

NBA 2K24 Braids Low Fade
Braids Low Fade

7. Wavy: An existing hairstyle made longer and puffier.

NBA 2K24 Wavy

8. Messy Spiked: A spiky hairstyle reminiscent of a typical “boy scout” look.

NBA 2K24 Messy Spiked
Messy Spiked

9. Long Dreadlocks: An updated version with a piece of the dread in front of the hair and some physics added.

NBA 2K24 Long Dread locks
Long Dread locks

10. Stubble 8 (Beard): This is a glitch or a very detailed stubble.

NBA 2K24: Stubble 8
Stubble 8

These are the new hairstyles added in NBA 2K24, and we can choose one of them when we build players. At the same time, we can also use MT 2K24 to strengthen the player to have a unique and powerful player at the beginning of the game.