Dark and Darker Guide: Get rich quickly in a short time

In the face of increasingly fierce competition, it is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain Dark and Darker Gold in the game. In this article, we will show you how to get rich quickly.

Kill cultists and ghosts

Cultists and ghosts are powerful enemies spawned for plunder. They drop valuable items such as the Northern F Tunic and Leather Leggings and have additional movement speed. Elite Ghosts and High Rollers have better loot, so try and kill them.

Some players are lucky enough to have a wizard die in the first game, with a golden key obtained from the champion, which can bring you a lot of wealth. It doesn’t matter if you need more luck. There are many Dark and Darker Items for sale in the U4GM mall, including golden keys that symbolize wealth.

It should be noted that thieves are not bad at PVP. Early thieves are useless in PVPof the game, but late game, even in trios, they outclass most classes; it’s just unbalanced; top players let It look powerful and casual, making it look like another PVE mob. If you’ve ever had epic or legendary rondel and dagger mastery, ambush shadowwalker, and stabbing, you’ll value daggers.

Lock key items

When looting, look for items with armor class, maximum health, damage reduction, or magic resistance. It will also work if weapon damage still applies, and these items can usually sell for a lot of Darker gold.

Store items safely

Before heading to the static escape portal, fill your inventory with valuable items. Remember that the portal may need to be opened, so plan accordingly.

Sell your loot

Sell your loot to the shop and watch the gold pile up. In just one hour, you can take out 300 gold coins or more. If you want to get gold coins faster, you can go to the U4GM mall, where you can sell dark and darker gold for only $1.99, and you can get 1,000 gold coins.

When it comes to opening treasure chests or cleaning up loot, it’s easy to get cocky and try to grab everything in sight. However, be aware of your inventory space and don’t waste time on worthless items.

The key to getting rich in Dark and Darker is knowing where to get treasure chests, what to look for in items, and using your time efficiently. With these tips, you’ll be earning some gold in no time.

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