Top Tips To Get Off To A Good Start In Fallout 76

Set 25 years after the bombs dropped and irradiated the world, Fallout 76 moves the action to the Appalachian wasteland. Here, you can explore and rebuild the wasteland with other players while fending off waves of mutated monsters from Virginian folklore and previous Fallout games.

Nevertheless, Fallout 76 can be daunting when starting for the first time, and many changes have been made since its release. As such, a good understanding of some fundamental concepts will go a long way. In order to get you ready for FO 76, we’ve put together this handy tips guide to getting started in the game.

Levelling Up And Perk Cards

The perk system for Fallout 76 is operated by cards that you obtain throughout the game. As players level up, they get to choose a Perk Card out of a limited selection, much like opening a booster pack of trading cards. Before getting started on slotting those perks to your S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes, though, you’ll want to ensure you’re choosing the right ones.

Each perk card in the game is tied to a specific attribute and will give you a buff, such as increasing the power of your unarmed attacks or enhancing your weapon’s durability. Cards are obtained through leveling up and you will only be able to place a certain number in each slot, which will depend on what level you are at in that specific ability. Also, it should be noted that if you get multiple of the same card, you can combine them to improve its effect, which is useful for further improving your character.

Understanding Buffs

Buffs in Fallout 76 are improvements to a player’s attributes for a set period of time. Various buffs can be acquired by finding them across Appalachia. Sometimes, Afflictions such as Mutations can also offer temporary to permanent buffs.

There are several buffs that you can take advantage of in the game. For example, food and drink aren’t just used to top up health but can activate separate buffs for being well-fed and well-hydrated. These will increase your disease resistance and improve your AP regeneration and max HP, respectively. So it is definitely worth keeping them active whenever possible.

Find Weapons And Ammo

There are a few ways to obtain weapons in Fallout 76. Most areas will have pipe pistols or pipe revolvers simply lying around on top of tables and in containers for you to pick up. But you can also craft and upgrade weapons at workbenches if you have enough scrap.

The best method we’ve found, however, is finding and defeating Scorched enemies. Scorched enemies are essentially ghouls who are still cognizant enough to use weapons. They stand guard outside of key locations and carry some fairly decent weapons, like shotguns and hunting rifles, which you can then loot off their bodies. They are also a pretty low-cost way of farming bullets, too. Just be careful not to alert more of them than you can actually handle, and try not to fight them inside of buildings, as it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Building Camps

The settlement construction from Fallout st anywhere in the world and you can move your camp around rather than being confined to one space forever. So, if you don’t like your initial location, you can simply make a blueprint of your base and place it somewhere else instead. However, you do this at the cost of a few caps. If you lack caps, you can buy Fallout 76 Bottle Caps from U4gm, which are cheap and 100% safe.

Another important thing to note about building camps is that when traveling between servers, your base will travel with you. But if that area is already taken or built upon, all your items will be stored so you can rebuild. This is a huge reason why creating blueprints is so important, as it will help you to quickly re-establish yourself should your base be blocked on a specific server or destroyed.

Make The Most Of Workshops

Workshops are valuable locations in Fallout 76 that allow players to expand their control and gather valuable resources. These are fixed locations that when controlled can generate a variety of resources using extractors that need to be collected periodically. They are identifiable from your compass or the player map by the icon of a crossed hammer and wrench.

Each Workshop will produce a special type of resource, whether that be fusion cores or some kind of food. So, it is well worth seeking out if you want to stock up. Keep in mind that workshops can only be claimed by one person or group, and they will need to defend the Workshops red workbench from other players looking to claim it or from the occasional swarm of enemies that will attack the Workshop every so often in an Enemy Wave event.

Join PVP

PvP is another to Fallout 76, with each player killed netting you a small amount of caps. But before you go around shooting every stranger you meet, you should know a couple of things first. For starters, if you shoot another player and they don’t shoot back, you will do less damage to them. This is intended to stop players from griefing and means that sometimes the best course of action is to keep your gun holstered, as opposed to shooting back.

It’s also important to know that those who kill other players in the game will have a bounty placed on them, which you can see on the map screen. The fee for this is paid out of their own pockets, so if you want to engage in some PvP, you can track them down in return for more caps.

Take On Events

Public events are essentially community quests that can be tackled by anyone on the server as long as they’re in the right location. They come in different flavours, too: some have you battling it out against waves of foes and others could be escort missions. Sometimes, you might even be called back to defend your base from various irradiated nasties.

You get a bunch of random items as a reward, from weapons and ammo to healing items like Stimpaks and RadAway, even plans you can learn to construct new objects around your C.A.M.P. Fallout 76 is much more reluctant to give you excessive amounts of items like previous Fallout games have, so earning rewards like these can be crucial to staying alive. These rewards are especially helpful if you’re exploring some of the higher-level areas like The Mire – you’ll burn through Stimpaks and RadAway pretty quickly when there’s a Scorchbeast hunting you down from the skies.