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As of 1:00 a.m. EST today, the Final Fantasy XIV servers started the game’s final event before the relaunch. At 3:00 a.m. EST, they shut down. Immediately following the shutdown, the last trailer for the game’s current version was posted, showing the outcome of the final battle against the forces of the Garlean Empire by the unified Grand Companies of Eorzea. And if you’ve been following the game’s story in any fashion, you’ll probably want to see how it all ends.

It’s worth noting that the cutscene is both fairly long and lacking in context — if you don’t know the most recent lore of the game, you’re not going to catch everything that’s going on. But if you’ve been watching the final defense of the Eorzean city-states from inside the game or on the sidelines, you deserve a front-row seat for the last clash of armies. And even though you know how it ends, it’s still going to pack a punch.


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Maybe someone can answer this for me….

I have wanted to play FF14 since i heard about it a year ago – but I havent found any copies in stores or any places online that sold it. Plus, the website wouldnt allow peopel to create new accounts which i found weird.

Regardless, I think the game looked AMAZING and after all teh gameplay Ive seen, I would have played without wanting a relaunch. But those that HAVE played say it was necessary and now i see this “end of gameworld” type movie with the game launching again in a few months.
My question is:

With the end game event and the above movie, does that mean that the entire FF14 game is now completely destroyed and gone FOREVER???  It seems that a lot of storylines were tied up and led up to what we saw in the movie and what I heard about the last few weeks of in-game stuff.
So, when FF14  2.0 launches in 2013, will players be able to enjoy the same content that existed in version 1 and experience the storylines and battles and dungeons and all that goodness – as well as whatever new changes and content they add?

OR, is every storyline, instance, quest and piece of content  COMPLETELY REMOVED in the new version and the entire FF14 2.0 game thats on its way is going to be brand new EVERYTHING, except for character and mob models and some environment models that will remain intact??
I am hoping its the former, because it would suck for all the people that didnt get to see all of original ff14′s content and those that havent played at all.  I am def going to buy and play the new version, but I did want to experience what was in the orginal version. And with the game only being around a short time(2 years?? or less?) I dont think it would be a good idea to remove everything that was created for new stuff.
The rreason I ask iIS because of the above movie-  which is similiar to something that players would see and expereince  for themselves when an mmo shuts down COMPLETELY and is FINAL.

So, if anyone knows whats up and can answer my questions so that i can HAVE A CLUE – I thank you in advance and would greatly appreciate ANY informations you can post as a response here. Thanks again!