FF14 friends and blacklist system

On August 30, the patch update content is mainly friends and blacklist system update:


Be polite language when user to communicate with others.

chat mode

The default mode is for all the information, with white font, content to begin with “say”, after writing to you say, and players can see around us.

Party: within the guild members can see is blue font, use the keyboard type “Party/P”, after writing you to say.

“Linkshell:” join “Linkshell” chat, all members of the green font, use the keyboard type “Linkshell/L”, after writing you to say.

“Tell” code: pink font, type in “Tell/T”, after writing you to say.

“Its” propaganda channel: similar to the chat channels, but more than chat channel is wide, the font is pale pink, type “to amass/sh” open communicating model.

“Echo” pattern: the information displayed only see themselves.

About the face

On the keyboard percussion “N” or click the second icon on the toolbar right test, you can open the emoticons.

Emoticons are divided into: expression, hostile symbol and Allies symbol.


Tap “Tab,” type you want to find information, dictionary will be according to your chosen language to explain.

See others the role of the equipment (examine)

Want to see the other side of the equipment, lock the characters, a menu, click on the menu of “examine”.

About the friend list and blacklist:

In the “social list” option is selected “friend list”, open a friends list.

You can then point “delete” remove buddy or “Add” to Add friends.

The blacklist (not receive messages from the blacklist)

Similarly, from the “social list”, select the “blacklist”, open the blacklist, then can order “delete” to delete the inside of the black list, or “Add” to pull into the blacklist