FFXIV:Fencing division profession

Fencing division profession experience – is probably the most need to develop a super curtilage person professional and micro operation


Well, young man, hear what are you going to be a fencing master, so first of all, I’d like to ask you a few questions, to check whether or not you fit for this job:

1 – do you think personal value is the value of team important? If you choose to personal, so I’m sorry, fencing isn’t suitable for you.

2 – which is more important to shield and sword? If you choose a sword, so I’m sorry, fencing isn’t suitable for you. Although the fencing is a sword, but the shield in your left hand is the life of the whole team. Sword can be broken, and can’t afford to carry shields, and sharp sword is useless.

3 – do you like to charge all things in the front, front against the enemy, or behind the scenes to support or behind sneak attack? Obviously, fencing is an avant-garde shield servants, you don’t fight monster who fight to blame? Mage meh…

4 – straight cut a person you like, or all eyes, watch the monster’s movements, the scrolling combat log and the safety of his teammates? Fencing division (profession) also includes advanced shield after service of holistic view of control is very important, in 5 star tasks, often encountered a number of the enemy and attack at the same time, if one only blame, hit the defender, under the basic two seconds, the team collapse.

5 – do you have enough time to solo LianJi, keep your leading level in the whole server? Although the fencing master is the soul of the team, but at this stage fencing master class level must own SOLO to improve (don’t ask me why, ask SE to). But in the new dress novice area concentration areas and other monsters SOLO rob Johnson, fencing obviously at a disadvantage, if you can’t keep the speed of a full-scale lead, then in public beta crowds, you almost can’t up your class level.

6 – finally, your Internet connection is normal, can often stay green ping? If you always huang ping red ping, even so, I’m sorry, fencing is not for you, because SE to now hasn’t made the automatic attack, and skills such as fencing the phalanx architect behind (I’ll talk about) is very high to the requirement of rapid reaction ability.

Basic knowledge of beta 2 combat system

FF14 current version, after click the monster and into the fight, the role of the energy value of the slot (Stamina (willpower) the Gauge) will emerge in the middle of the picture right, left or above the blood of the monster.

– a skill: the condition of energy value (stamina) At the start of the battle, the initial energy value (Stamina) is usually close to Full tank (Full the Gauge), each launch an attack, corresponding energy consumption value. Energy value (Stamina) will increase with time, growth Energy, like a thief.

Coarser energy groove part of the picture, is the current skills required energy consumption value, if the current energy value than to the quantity of consumption, can launch a skill. In addition to the ordinary skill, if it is a special skill, such as the need to consume the MP and TP skills, so in addition to the necessary energy consumption value, MP and TP also must satisfy the conditions.

* TP is the abbreviation of tactical points, some like anger, after every successful attack or attacks, TP will increase. TP of skills are needed for general offensive weapon skill.

– skill keys in advance into the force If the current value is less than the lowest energy consumption, the user pressed the skill keys in advance, so the combat log will show a “were preparing for a XX skills”, the system will automatically wait for energy value increased to more than the minimum consumption, automatic skill, how the user does not have to repeatedly to press the attack key, very convenient.

* this announcement said beta3 may continue to optimize combat rhythm, but poor basic principle should not be too much, so there is no into the beta everyone do the preview, know about the energy value (stamina), and other related concepts is also good. * * below stam is the shorthand of stamina.

1: basic tactical shield is life As a fencing master, in the mainline tasks done will get 3000 gil, at this moment the most important thing is to buy a shield, not the best, the 1000 gil, grade 1 can also be installed.

The shield of weapon store:

ホ プ ロ ン costs 1000 shield (deputy weapon)  armor 5 physical defense and physical shock 9 発 80 properties of 13 * beta phase iii the shop doesn’t sell weapons and shields, only through a task or production for reward, the specific ways to obtain the other open discussion After install shield, action bar automatically becomes the third grid shield defense skills.

In the back of the battle, you can use the shield defense. Before the monster attack for shield success, will block out a large part of the damage, generally if armed defense is not bad, at the same level of the monster attack can be completely block off (i.e., 0 damage). Basic tactics: 2 block + phalanx When after the success of the Block, you can launch 8 shield service society’s most important skill: “square” Phalanx, consumes only 250 tp, also very little energy value (stam) consumption.

Lv8: Phalanx (35 stam 250 tp SCD cross cut) Skill description is “on the offensive, increase the damage, cutting damage. Hatred, only in the successful Block (Block) to use” – after successfully blocking an enemy’s Phalanx (phalanges) into force time requirement is higher, because of the speed, I launched the Phalanx of success rate is not 100%. This flash is very gorgeous, time is long, often in waiting for it when it finished, also gained many energy values, just can be used to put down a recruit:

Basic tactical 3: the main damage detection + light stab If it is early in the square before the Circle behind the Slash

Stam Lv6 Circle slash (85 1000 tp 7 SCD cross cut) I know it is only a fencing master recruit AOE, so be careful not to hit next to blame. And it is important to note that the flight target (such as the firefly) is invalid If it is grade 12 later can meet Spinstroke after phalanx

Lv12: Spinstroke (85 stam 1000 tp noCD cross cut) It’s main characteristic is to hate the teammates, if you use Spinstroke object attack goal is not to you, then use the time have a Bonus damage. Of course it’s own damage output also does not lose in the Circle of Slash. If it is later can meet after phalanx level 16 Howling vortex (eddy current)

Lv16 Howling vortex (eddy current) (85 stam 1000 tp 7 SCD cross cut) That the special effects are slows the target sing, or practical.

Main damage detection if quickly into force after a Light Light Stab thorn, so it is easy to form a continuous playback of the animation, the time interval between two damage is very close. If you don’t like to use the main damage detection (because of the large consumption of Stam), can also use Light Slash and Light Stab alternating attacks, but some people say that there is no WS skill points to get low, it remains to be continue to test.

After basic tactical 4: light stab for shield The above 1 to 3 at the same time, you should appear in the combat log grey words “your sheild fall down” (should remember correctly), mean for shield posture is no longer maintained. When the line appears, not familiar with, if you are the monster’s attack rhythm must immediately again for shield. If familiar with monster attack rhythm, can in a higher injury after the attack, again raise shield in front of the monster attack.

If your current energy value enough for shield, the combat log will appear for tip shield to success. If your current energy value is not enough for shield, the combat log will say you are preparing for shield, until the energy values reach for shield, shield will prompt for success. For monster attacks will continue to be successful again after a successful shield Block, then the phalanx, circulation in turn. If the network card’s friends, or using the shield of stability is not high (durable under 20%) friends, may maintain for shield time is less than the above 1-3 of the attack sequence is completed, so let’s watch the gray combat log and shield.

FF14 weapons level and physical level

In the game press the home or small keyboard – you can see the current role of weapons level and physical level. Weapons grade Weapons grade is simply the weapons that corresponds to your current equipment profession, fencing professional teacher is holding a sword or knife, illusionists is holding a single hand or double stick professional branch, the blacksmith is holding a blacksmith hammer profession and so on. * if you like the nanjing woman take off pants in your hands, then you will become the legendary pants fighter, um, um, 94 it. Weapons grade with combat career need monsters to get weapon skill points, theory of the monsters weapon skill, the more damage ratio is higher, then the weapon skill points to get more. But there are some bugs in beta 2 or potential value system, lead to weapon skill points to obtain very unstable, often need to log out or exit combat to reset, so this part of the detailed principle will continue to test, in the beta3 said there is not much. Physical level The role of physical level need to gain experience to ascend, you can now gain experience through many kinds of methods: monsters can also, mining cut down a tree may, while the iron is hot mending things can also be… From this perspective, theoretically a role for a strange don’t kill, also can rise with the physical level. – weapon class character acquisition of vocational skills and can be equipped with number of skills. Crystal card missions and quests, the key content of open and see your weapons grade… – physical level determines the role of attribute points for each grade can get 6-12 o ‘clock. Under the current system Settings, weapons level and physical level the two are not synchronized, beta 2 many physical level 30, but the weapon class differred quite far. Even if is repairing double combat weapon career, may be less than 20, both physical is already full. Fencing and other professional skills Freelance system is characteristic of FF14, each career is exclusively personal to the professional skills, but also a public that can be used in other professional skills. For fencing division, learn a few more other professional public skills, especially hate related and responding to public skills, is essential.

– a gladiator lv6 tank (second wind) Consumption of TP, restore its HP, original CD60 seconds, fencing master CD90 seconds when using * it is indispensable skill for home travel pillaged, consumes no MP is one of the biggest benefits, and don’t have to specify the target

– a gladiator lv10 mouth flute (mocking provoke (driving)) Provocative skills, and the sword fighter Lv10 pick hair effect is the same, but the fencing master when using CD for 30 seconds

– axe warlock lv6 blood bath (bloodbath) The next attack damage 15% reply their HP.

– an enchanter lv4 cure (cure) Return target and target nearby friendly HP, fencing master CD6 seconds when using * beta 2 use this ability must specify the target

As there is no open beta 2 macro function, so learning tips and not much place too much, I just learned a genjutsu Lv4 Lv6 and combat, but after the open beta macro can set yourself, you can learn some more.
I for my own use lazy skill bar
From left to right in turn is:
1 – Light attack Lv1 Slash Light chop
2 – Light attack Lv1 Light Stab thorn
3 – the Sheild defense after active defensive stance with shields
4 – Phalanx Phalanx weapon skill Lv8 get back after a successful defense
5 – Howling vortex (eddy current) whining spiral cut weapon skill Lv16 slows the target sing
6 – Provoke aggression ability Lv10 increase goal threat
7 – Still maintain precision and ability Lv14 precision range, reduce evasion rate (increases the chances of Block)
8 – Lv18 Obsess hunting ability get the increase of the current target defense force, reduce the current target defense force
9 – Rampart barrier ability Lv4 increase physical and magic defense force
0 – ability to Cure Cure illusionists Lv4. Reply the target and its surrounding friendly target of HP