Final Fantasy XIV: EU PSN version does not work

European PSN users report that they can not access the Final Fantasy XIV: buy the game via the PlayStation Store after the rebirth of the realm.

Digital copy of the game between £ 28.49 £ 39.99, current price standard and Collector’s Edition.

However, many users download and install the game, has been unable to log in, even if binding their own PSN account and Square Enix company, met with the following message:

No valid service account can play Final Fantasy XIV: rebirth of a state.
In order to play Final Fantasy XIV: a realm rebirth, you must first purchase the digital download PlayStation Store or registered product code.
Please restart the client Final Fantasy XIV: a realm rebirth

Grouping these chronic problem afflicted their complaints official PlayStation forums. Here, they explain the game to appear on their download / purchase history, but their service is the square of the game does not recognize the license.

, It seems, the only way is to go out and buy a hard copy of the game.

Square Enix seems to have responded (# 497) by some members to inform them of the problems currently being studied.

Whether those affected will receive any form of compensation is unknown, whether it is for a full refund, or even expand their membership.
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This is not because the game’s launch of the first question to ask. Even in pre-release event XIV, many people can not login because the server is full. Now, a few days after the release, it still seems to be. Publishers even been forced to stop selling, in order to solve this problem.

Fortunately, when we are busy working on our upcoming review, we have not encountered such a problem. Our use of the EU is a PSN code, work smoothly.

Square Enix hopes the company will be able to modify this unfortunate anomaly sooner rather than later