FFXIV Yoshida rebuild trust, expand functionality

In addition to a public lecture from the square, which is the two media types and fans at this year’s PAX Prime Minister, we are also able to sit down with Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida, a more intimate interview process.

Join us after the cut, we talk about class, employment, game consoles and computers, a boat and other Eorzean tidbits.

PAX Prime – FFXIV Yoshida rebuild trust, expand capabilities, multi-
As for the public meeting, Yoshida began a prepared statement focused on the plaza appreciate its loyal fans, it continues to recognize the mistakes with version 1.0 and version 2.0 of the introduction of the problem. Yoshida said that the square is not expected demand will be how much the realm of rebirth, partly due to the previous version of the problem, because we never completed a full restart before the MMO space.

PAX Prime – FFXIV Yoshida rebuild trust, expand functionality, moreFor proper interview, we began to ask whether the test Yoshida deleted pursuit track will reappear at some point. Original function is added to the test because of an error, and the error is removed subsequently fixed. This means that the development team is very clear that a lot of players favorite features, Yoshida has been UI team talks, “there is hope, will be back soon.”

Yoshida asked about Final Fantasy XIV PC and console breakdown between users. He said that in the West, the square of the game is expected to about 70% of the audience to experience it on a PC. That said, he believes the release of PlayStation 4 console will boost significantly the number of users and high-end PC HD option compared to low-cost console. On the other hand, Japan was largely focused console, although Yoshida said, “Final Fantasy XI is responsible for the country’s PC gaming audienc a significant rise in Europe, it varies by country, with Germany the main voted in favor of the PC, while the British and French who prefer one platform to another platform between players equally.

We wrapped up the interview request Yoshida to post comments, his favorite part of the launch of a realm of rebirth. He said the most gratifying part of the process has seen plaza began to rebuild social trust challenges 1.0 after reception.