“Final Fantasy XIV Getting Started: The best way to the highest level Get 50 fast

Final Fantasy XIV – Haukke Manor 06

In every online game , players try to reach the end of the game to spend countless hours grinding experience points to level up . Of course, the grinding process , may be due to repeat something that you are able to do, like doing endless task , does not provide any type of breed is a little bit. Final Fantasy XIV fans do not worry, because every pursuit and various other levels up to offer a variety of tasks to help fight bordeom.

So, what types of things we can do is the most experience points possible?
Routine tasks
Final Fantasy XIV – Task 01

A very common thing , in order to gain experience through the main storyline and quests throughout Eorzea. These tasks can be triggered when you see an NPC! Above their heads . Your level , two different sets of tasks will be unlocked to see which open up , make sure you open your map . In the game, you’ll get experience points , depending on your level. Let’s say you are 35 , the maximum level you can get in every pursuit ranging from 7900-8200 .

Final Fantasy XIV – Task 02

Another way to torture, huge experience points so Levequest. In other games , they call these samples / daily tasks can be repeated a certain amount of time . Throughout Eorzea, mainly the main town , there will be an NPC, you can talk about who you can put these tasks. For every town , there are about five levequests, you can take. Goal is the same thing, but your level of expansion.

Get every five levels will unlock a new type of task , when it comes to leves . Some towns will meet some of the standards. For example, in Girdania only available in the 1-15 level tasks , while others may like the 35-50 level requires a higher level.

Final Fantasy XIV – Guildhests

When you play the game, you will get to unlock, will be available in Dutyfinder on Guildhests. Like levequests the same, you get a new quest at a certain level . In Guildhests, the player will have to find a group to take a variety of challenges. What Guildhests provides is like a small, high- profiled enemy at a certain time , challenging players instance.

Is not the best way to grind experience points , because once you have completed it, you will find that you receive experience points less than regular or levequests Guildhests.


Final Fantasy XIV – Haukke Manor 05

If you are what type of MMO players playing group, make a small raid up to four people will give you the experience you need points . When you play through the story missions , you’ll unlock the dungeon. Play through it and hope to the rack , where you will take the mobs will provide you with a lot of experience points experience points . For each of you to do a dungeon , is expected to at least 50K or more experience .

Final Fantasy XIV – Task 04

Fate or all of the active time events are a fun way to gain experience . Think about Guild Wars 2 , involving a large number of monsters or boss fate of the world events. Throughout Eorzea, players will be able to team up with other people in taking Eorzea ‘s biggest rival . You can see if there is a kind of fate , through the map . If you see a purple icon ( as shown above ) , which means that there is a world event .

Hurried to his fate , and make sure you battle to get the maximum experience points . When you jump , you’ll see a status bar to see how close they are to the opponent to complete . If you see the status bar is filled purple in close proximity , it is best to do everything you can to make your participation count. To be sure , both spam attack button. When you see the fate of the main objectives is to run and attack the enemy as much as possible , so that your contribution in the end count .
Hunting Logs

Final Fantasy XIV – Task 06

Love monsters and explore Eorzea World do ? If this is the case, you can hunt monsters to fill up your hunting log. Depending on the class you are playing , you will get a group of monsters, you can take down . For each amount of monsters , you get down, you get rewards, reward experience points . Fill in your log will ask you to hunt through every corner of the world , to make sure you take down .

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