September Competition Details

First of all, please allow me to point out that in August the competition winners will be announced soon , once we figure out blog contest winner.

Mobile, we have two versions of a large blue sector this month. And this is what you will get cash . This month , we will have a limited edition release of ” Star Trek” plunged into darkness . In addition , there is a collector’s edition release The Dark Knight trilogy .

Opinions lottery ***** *****
September the first 15 comments , you will be entered into the drawing. This is usually here every . However , a mixture of a little thing. We want to select those 15 eligible members of the winner .

Each winner will win their choice of one of the following two:
1 ) Star Trek “into the darkness Starfleet phaser Limited Gift Set ( including a copy of the phase , plaque and positions , as well as Blu-ray movies )
2 ) The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collection

Contributor contest ***** *****
This month, we will turn a little bit. The overall news to score , but we’re going to submit scores strict . This is the news reporter’s score minus the bonus ( you can track updates – you can PM me if you need help find part ) .

First Place: $ 75 Amazon Gift Card
Second place: $ 25 Amazon Gift Card

Blog contest ***** *****
We’re going to blog contest, this month, we have received very positive feedback , in the past month . Again, submit your opinion pieces , some users blog posts or comments. ( Chosen by staff ) winner will win a Blu-ray/DVD their choice.

Good luck to you all . And to ensure that check back later last month ‘s winners .

Rules and guidelines:
1 . DVD prizes only for standard movies . Box Cover , Special Edition TV show or season allowed , unless otherwise noted.
2 . The competition is open to all FilmWatch user , except for employees HAVAmedia and immediate family . Competition is not limited to the U.S. / NA .
3 . In the event of unforeseen circumstances FilmWatch / HAVAmedia retention value equal to or greater than the right to substitute the prize replacement .
4 . Thermal change or deceptive unsolicited advice of any nature will result from all the games of the month disqualification .
5 . Prizes are not transferable.
6 . The winner will receive the afternoon here FilmWatch.
7 . Failed to reply to the notice of the afternoon seven ( 7 ) days of the results confiscation prizes.