How can we deal with the ffxiv gil sellers

ffxiv gil sellers

As the loyal fans of Final Fantasy XIV, you are bound to be aware of the significance of the ffxiv gil in the popular game. As a matter of course, trading gil becomes popular in the same time. Thus some questions would be emerged , what can we do?

How to report the ffxiv gil sellers becomes the focus of the public and the process would cost a bit more time. Aiming at the puzzle, views vary among the public.

One of the participants said like this, I had one but it got broke sometime over the last year and I had no clue so I got to buy a new one next week. I figure a simple one would suffice for what I need. The lack of keyboard for this game is a nightmare because I worry about joining a fc on my server because lack of keyboard to communicate with them. I’ve tried blacklisting but most of the names are too complicated to type out from memory.

As far as another person is concerned, it would be nice if we had a faster easy to submit a ticket, or right-click and report. Alternatively, I’ve reported a few for harassment and got replies back ¬†which asked me to fill out a survey. I made sure to add a piece to the survey asking for a right click report feature to make it easier to report.