Final Fantasy new PVP arena

Good day everyone !
Fantastic news ! Suare Enix will release the final fantasy 14 update 2.1 on 17th December.

FFxiv 21. pvp


As we are know the final fantasy series attraced many player all over the world . the 2.1 updating will de bound to more attractive .its adds a raft of new features ,including dungeons,players versus player arwenas and housing .

The Crystal Tower is a new dungeon for up to 24 players . the new PVP arena is called Wolves ‘Den. You can create a house in the three dinstinctive residential districts if each of the city-states, after buying a plot of land .

There’s loads more to the update ,outline in the 10-minute video, below .ff14 is out now on PC and PlayStation3, and lauches on PlayStation4 in April2014. You get a free 30-day trial with a new account , but after that u need to sign up to a £7.69 monthly subscription.

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